Over the Garden Fence

General public feedback:

“Amazing performance last night. The most emotive piece of theatre I’ve seen. Laughing to crying throughout! Brilliantly written. These girls are seriously talented!”

“I saw the play 4 days ago in Norwich and can’t get it out of my mind. It evoked strong emotions in the audience from laughter to tears, and even guilt. We are all worried about dementia touching us, or our relatives and friends. However, this play has the power to change attitudes and behaviours more than any literature or news article and delivers a message of compassion and understanding in a highly entertaining way. Well done Haylo!”

“Well done on a great realistic, emotive performance of life with dementia and all that goes along with that for everyone.”

“Extremely well researched, creatively written and brilliantly performed piece, which had the audience howling with laughter one minute and sobbing the next. Fantastic theatre.”

“Your show is amazing! Brilliantly written and brilliantly performed. The reception it got and the standing ovation were fully deserved.”

“Over the Garden Fence’ was a truly powerful and thought-provoking performance that portrayed some extremely emotional life experiences in a way that made the audience both laugh and cry. A truly brilliant play and a privilege to watch!”

Conferences and Training:

“It was a pleasure to have you as part of our dementia awareness week in Bury. Having worked and studied dementia for 5 years the performance was very true to life of many scenarios I see and hear every day. A total credit to you both in raising awareness to the public of dementia in a way that people understand and can relate to…Truly inspiration and delivered with passion.”

Rachel Yates. Dementia Development Coordinator

Conference for NHS England comments:

“Amazing performance yesterday. They showed those in attendance what exactly it is like to care for a person with dementia and the stigma that becomes attached to sufferers. It resonated with me so much after caring for my dad and most recently my father-in-law. The stories were so like my own experiences.”

“Absolutely beautiful balance of humour and pain, giving a real insight into the issues that dementia brings into the lives of people living with dementia and those close to them. Everyone should see this, especially professionals, clinicians etc.”

“I think the play was excellently written, acted and directed. Very talented ladies!”

“Excellent play, deals with dementia and people on so many levels. Highly recommend.”

“Can I thank you very much for your contribution to the Hospice Enabled Dementia Care conference in Birmingham. Your play brought the whole dementia world to life and touched hearts –which is needed to drive change.”

Marie Cooper. Practice Development Lead, Hospice UK

”Over the Garden Fence’ was an emotional rollercoaster and you certainly bring home the message that there is more to the person than dementia!”

Sharon Harkin, East of England coop

“Over the Garden Fence is such a wonderful play, performed by actors who have social awareness of the issues which effect individuals and communities, and want to give something back to local people.”

Paula Friggieri Service Manager, Adult Social Care, Stockport Council

“A totally absorbing and emotional roller coaster ride on the topic of dementia. I was ‘blown away’ by the Haylo girls in their representative of ‘Dolly’ and her advancing dementia. This was an incredibly well observed short play by a pair of very talented actresses; well done!”

Karen Harrison Dening. Director of Admiral Nursing, Dementia UK


“Very powerful and moving. Important for health & social care students. Laughed and cried.”

Wendy Bateman. Social Science Lecturer. University of Bolton.

” I have just had the privilege of seeing your play “over the garden fence” at Sheffield university. It was the most amazing play I have ever seen. It is clear to see how passionate you are. I hope I am lucky enough to never forget it.”

Jane McKeown – Lecturer / Senior Nurse, The University of Sheffield

“We would very much like to thank you for your performance of ‘Over the Garden Fence’ to our Dementia Friendly Community of Practice at the University of Northampton last week.
The performance was very powerful and a wonderful insight into the experience of living with dementia from different perspectives. We had some very positive feedback from those attending, who mentioned that it highlighted the need for person centred care. We would also like to say that we were very impressed with your professionalism. It was a pleasure to have you at the University and we wish you well with the production.”

Janice Jones. University of Northampton

“Truly amazing performance yet again, never get tired of seeing “Over the Garden Fence” every time I see it I see something new and different. Superb!

Jacqueline Crowther PhD MSc BSc (Hons). Palliative and Supportive Care Studies Group, University of Liverpool

Sisters Seagulls and Sendoffs

General public feedback:

“A production that combines the memories of characters with a strong and pertinent narrative, certainly left me with many lingering and though- provoking memories. Haylo Theatre are masters at finding the humour in the most poignant moment and the tragedy in the events of everyday life”

“This is just incredible for me. This would be amazing and beneficial to get to a bigger audience. What is on offer here is amazing.”

“Sparks personal memories, this performance does just that, it makes you think just how valuable family and friends are to you”

“This beautifully crafted drama, provided a perfect balance between humour and sadness and demonstrated skilful sensitivity to the subject of grief. The audience were carefully drawn into the story through an accurate portrayal of different responses to grief.”

“Through honest tears and a smile I was brought to converse with my own experiences of loss. ‘Sisters, Seagulls and Send offs’ sensitively opens up a dialogue about loss, memory and grievance.”

Conferences and Training:

“Many congrats on last nights excellent performance, wouldn’t have expected anything else!”

Jacqueline Crowther Admiral Nurse, Kirkwood Hospice


Very emotive

Thank you! Excellent

AMAZING! Will be looking to use them in community projects

Reassured that it is ok to be uncertain at times


Thought provoking. Excellent performance

Excellent!! Very thought provoking

Brilliant, could not be any better

Particularly enjoyed Haylo


Emotional. Thought provoking

Excellent, but needs an emotional health warning

Powerful dramatisation

Excellent presentations, captured so many issues”

‘Living and Dying with Uncertainty’, END OF LIFE PARTNERSHIP CONFERENCE

Making Space conference feedback:

“So true to my own experience.”

“Absolutely wonderful performance, moving, funny and sad in equal measures.”

“Such an amazing show reflecting such hard work, focus and dedication to this project over the last year…awesome work, well done to you both.”

“The performance was outstanding, professional and had me gripped from start to finish.”

“Absolutely wonderful performance, moving, funny and sad in equal measures.”

“It provoked thoughts and confidence to talk about death and planning for it. So moving, funny and real. It makes the conversation easy to approach and think about.”

“Opens up a difficult subject matter in a way that’s not oppressive or morbid.”


“It was amazingly powerful performance – thank you. You really raised the bar even higher, to another level with this debut performance. It was so powerful and honest too, so thank you. I. Could see many people in the audience getting tearful which I thought was a sign that the story had ‘touched’ them too.”

Dr Brian Nyatanga, Senior Lecturer, Academic Lead for Centre for Palliative Care, University of Worcester

“The performance was outstanding, professional and had me gripped from start to finish. The work you are doing is just inspirational and the way you put it across was so insightful.”

Lynne Partington. Project Coordinator and Specialist Advisor, End of Life Partnership

“Effortless rapport between the actors and audience as two sisters clear the family home, gently negotiating their family narratives of loss, love and change. A delight.”

Professor Peter Harrop

Student Feedback UWE Bristol:

“Very well done, the performance was enlightening and well performed.”

“Well organised, researched performance, very informative.”

“This experience helped me to understand death and how to prepare in the future.”

“It added to my interpretation of the concept of dying and added another perspective.”

“Appreciated the importance and value of having open conversations.”

“Professionally I feel the performance has helped to understand others’ feelings about dying”.

“I would just like to say thank you, if felt like therapy.”

“Great way to engage with emotional subjects.”

Another Rainy Thursday

Worcestershire Palliative Care Conference feedback:

“Haylo Theatre excellent as always.”

“Excellent and moving performance from Haylo Theatre.”

“Haylo Theatre inspired”

“Haylo Theatre very well done!”

“Haylo Theatre were fantastic!”

“Haylo – brilliant! And very thought provoking.”

“Haylo Theatre production excellent, very moving.”

“Haylo – amazing, honest, raw, inspired. Excellent play!”

“The performance was excellent, insightful and delivered with perfection.”

“Haylo’s performance was outstanding and the most powerful thought provoking presentation.”

“Haylo Theatre – really lovely end to the day.”

“The play – very thought provoking and moving!”

“Excellent play – thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“The theatre amazing, true life.”

“Haylo Theatre company – EXCELLENT!”

“Haylo Theatre – very emotional & powerful.”

“Haylo Theatre company-absolutely excellent narrative – well done.”

“The Haylo performance – very emotive, covering very prevalent and important issues.”

“Halyo were amazing!!”

“Haylo Theatre – inspired pair.”

“Emotional Haylo play, amazingly insightful and great production as always – very good understanding of issues sensitively and humorously, portrayed and well researched and thought provoking.”

“Haylo Theatre were magical.”

“Performance excellent & thought provoking, good change from “speakers”.

“Another Rainy Thursday – brilliant performance.”

“Haylo Theatre – amazing and well produced.”

“Haylo Theatre Company – excellent, moving, true to life.”

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