We offer a range of interactive workshops, that are perfect for enrichment days, staff training days and within educational and care settings. Our workshops are an excellent way to bring people together, to develop new skills and create a space for dialogue. We specialise in creating and delivering accessible workshops that enable participants of all abilities to share their stories and experiences through a wide range of artistic outputs. All our workshops can be tailored to accommodate your needs, and timescales are adaptable to suit you, as workshops can be delivered as a one-off session or be delivered over a series of weeks.

Reminiscence and Life Story Workshops:

Our reminiscence workshops aim to enhance interpersonal communication, maintain the personal past and sustain identity. Through conversations, we gain an understanding of individuals life-histories and identities’, which ensures we take a person-centred approach to our work.

Our reminiscence-based activities encourage the sharing of stories and experiences through a range of artistic outputs such as writing, art work and theatrical performances.

Through Life Story work we can evoke life experiences and future aspirations. We aim to share and record stories of the past and present. By sharing stories, we celebrate and we empathise. We find voices and listen to the voices of others. However, not only is the spoken narrative important, but also the ways in which those narratives can be shared and documented, thereby encouraging groups to showcase and celebrate their experiences with the wider community, such as through art, poetry and song.

Bespoke Workshops:

We also offer tailor-made workshops to meet the needs of our customers, so if there is something that you’d like us to facilitate, we can meet your aims and objectives.

We work closely with the customer to ensure that we accommodate your needs in terms of timescale, venue and the needs of participants.

Storytelling Workshops:

Our storytelling workshops provide an excellent stimulus, sparking stories, conversations and prompting creativity.

The aim is to work together to produce and record a story, either personal or imaginary. By writing down experiences, recording work and sharing stories in the present, we can transform them into a memory shared by a group and the community, not just belonging to the individual.

“I have done things I never felt capable of. I have written poetry, shared my stories, created art work. I found self-confidence/pride through engaging with Haylo Theatre’s storytelling workshops” (Susan Creswell, 78). 

Intergenerational Workshops:

Our intergenerational workshops encourage the sharing of experiences. We aim to bridge the gap between generations and promote inclusion. We facilitate and bring together both educational groups, such as school children, with older community groups.

Intergenerational workshops therefore connect different age groups through a collective artistic experience. The different generations share their experiences of life and can celebrate and support one another.

If you are interested in booking us for a workshop please don’t hesitate to get in touch!