We offer a range of interactive workshops, our workshops are used for enrichment days, staff training days and within educational and care settings. Workshops are an excellent way to bring people together, to develop new skills and create a space for dialogue.

All our workshops can be tailored to suit your needs, and are suitable for all abilities.

Time scales can be adapted meaning the workshop can be delivered in a one-off session or be delivered over a series of weeks.  

Our current workshops:

Gather together – 

We have recently been awarded funding through Brightlife. The funding is for an 18 month project called ‘Gather Together’ aimed at reducing social isolation and loneliness in the community.

The aim of ‘Gather Together’ is to affirm the value of the older generation, by bringing people together in the community to share their stories and experiences through a range of artistic outputs such as writing, art work and theatrical performances which tell stories about their varied life experiences and future aspirations. The group meet weekly at Deva Point, Blacon at 11.30am – 12.30pm and are working towards producing a show back event which will engage and educate the whole community.

Anyone 50 or over is welcome to come and join us.

Life story and Reminiscent workshops:

Reminiscence work aims to improve the psychological and social health of older people. It is a way to maintain the personal past and sustain the person’s identity, and it uses stimulation, communication, socialisation, and entertainment.

Reminiscence can also be regarded as the generator of memories and interpretations in the present of life events from some point in our past, in the case of reminiscence therapy this usually is the distant past.

It can help preserve identity and personhood, so that an understanding of life-history can be used to inform person-centred care.

Our workshops use a variety of Reminiscence-based activities, ranging from the formally planned to the informal impromptu. Each type is likely to have a range of possible outcomes including word-of-mouth accounts, life-story books, discussions, displays, outings, contributions to individual care plans, themed days, intergenerational contacts, inputs to the educational curricula of local schools and colleges and, of course, theatre.

There are a number of aims of our reminiscence workshops: to enhance communication, increase a sense of personal identity, to provide an enjoyable social activity, improve mood and well-being, and to increase individualised care. Also valuable is the sense of community that can be found in the sharing of experience.

Bespoke workshops:

We also offer tailor-made workshops to meet the needs of our customers, so if there is something that you’d like us to facilitate, we can meet your aims and objectives. We work closely with the customer to ensure that the time scale, venue and participants needs are met.

For more information please contact Hayley and Louise using the contact form below or at:

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